"Head Over Heels" - March 1st, 1958


Here follows the Troy Record's article on the effort, which was printed Wednesday, March 5th, 1958. (Scroll down for an image of the actual article as well as the Revue program.)

6,000 See Musical Show

     About 6,000 persons witnessed the two performances of the musical production, "Head Over Heels," in which 350 junior and senior students took part at Troy High School with 150 more working backstage, school officials said today. The musical was given Friday and Saturday nights.

     The production was one of the most ambitious undertaken by amateur talent in recent years and was a cooperative effort with faculty, students, Troy stores and theaters assisting.

     There were more than 400 costumes for the 28 scenes in the production. Scenery and props were loans by Proctor's Theater, by Troy stores from their window dressing supplies and even some by Broadway shows.

     Kennedy K. Roberts was general manager from the senior class and David Thurston from the junior class.

     All printing for the show was done in the school's industrial arts printing shop which is taught by Wilfred J. Lagoe. Posters were done by the arts department with Raymond C. Henry in charge. Howard Daffner, student council president, directed the serving of refreshments during the production. Clerical work was done by Robert W. Seibert's secretarial practice class. John M. Hennessey of the faculty headed the unusually large stage crew and Mrs. Margaret P. Spencer and Robert L. Levy of the Radio Club directed lighting of the production. Miss Eileen Rourke, advisor for the seniors with Mr. Lagoe, assisted backstage. Hennessey and Miss Antoinette Lewis were advisors for the juniors.

     The money raised will be used for class activities including the year book, Miss Lewis announced.

    The production was directed by Joseph Hayes, New York City producer.


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