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November 6, 2004: A First at THS!

The Class of '59 held its 45th. Reunion at THS in the cafeteria. We listened to 50's music as we once again walk through the cafeteria line and renewed old friendships. We were taken on a tour of the school and listened to many stories of classmates' experiences in the halls, as well as in the classrooms. Approximately 60 attended.

The dinner was catered by Chartwell's. Fabulous selection. Thanks to Doug Wolfe and his staff for a wonderful dinner!

Thank you to the Reunion Comittee, chaired by Beverly Sliter, and included Linda Buerkley, Helen Kowalczyk Martin,
Barbera Bingham Nichols, Ralph F. Passonno Jr., James M. Strosberg, M.D., and Linda Waters Young.

Thanks to Armand J. Reo, Superintendant, Dr. Brigette Garrison, Executive Principal for their hospitality.

See the Photos section for more precious memories from this night.

IMPORTANT: September 19th, 2004:

The Class of 1959 will be holding it's 45th. Reunion on Saturday,November 6th, 2004 at 6:00 p.m. in the Troy High School Cafeteria. Renew old friendships with a catered buffet, fun auction, and 50's music!

August 20-22, 2004:

Happy New Year THS alumni and friends:

As you probably know, a multi-class THS reunion for alumni from the 1960s is being planned for August 20-22, 2004.  This weekend will be held at Camp Schodack, in the Berkshires near Albany/Troy.  It is owned by Linda Elfenbein Krouner ('63) and her husband, Paul Krouner.  The Reunion Executive Board from 1963 has visited the Camp and is very impressed with all the facilities.  It is a gorgeous location and will provide us with all the amenities possible.
I have been able to establish a FREE online reunion website at the Albany Times Union newspaper.  It was launched yesterday and is still in its initial growing phase.  I hope you will all visit this website and sign on.  Please check it during the coming months for the latest reunion information and for communication with your "super sixties" classmates.
Please go to:  www.timesunion.com/communities.  Toward the bottom of that page please click on the reunion box.  Then click on the Troy High Reunion and sign onto our site.  Or, to access our website directly, please go to www.timesunion.com/communities/troyhighreunion.
We are expecting a great turnout from several classes for this reunion.  Class representatives have been "volunteered" to assist you with questions.  You may contact your reps at the email addresses listed below: 
Rod (Harry) Rodman '61 - rodrodman@earthlink.net
Ken Mandelbaum '62 - kgmvt@mac.com
Betsy Mitchell Savery '63 - olympicmom@ca.astound.net
Linda Chesman Byard '64 - Linda@tidbits.com
Susan Bloom Newcomer '65 - email pending
Peg Mitchell Vitolins '66 - Peg_Vitolins@farmfamily.com
The official cochairmen for this reunion are:
John Sunukjian '63 - jmsunuk@comcast.net
Howie Bashhant '63 - FadedBarn@aol.com
They are in contact with the Krouners and the staff at Camp Schodack and are very excited about all the activities and events that are available right on site.  They have spent considerable time at Camp Schodack reviewing all the amenities.  A list of area hotels will be forthcoming.
Please notify your class representatives of any classmates you can find.  We will be sending out invitations later in the spring and would like to locate as many alumni as possible.
Also, please feel free to contact me with any ideas, comments, questions, etc.  More information will follow in the coming months.  See you in August.
All my best, Betsy Mitchell Savery '63

December 20, 2003 From:  Judy & Paul Schantz

       Hi, We are back from a two week vacation from Hawaii and we had a wonderful time. It is good to be home for Christmas. Wow it is four days away. That means 2003 will be 2004. I am going tell you our news of the year.
      This is my first year of retirement more of less. I am called to sub as a hygienist occasionally, but the demand is far less than it once was. I tend a garden a church, two in our local park, and of course the ones in our yard. Paul and I try to stay spry at the rec center on a mostly regular basis.We're still involved with the Seasoned Citizens at church, and I attend a weekly bible study.
      Paul and I have been making improvements on the house. Last spring we converted our fireplace to natural gas. It's amazing how much more use we get from it now. We put in a nore aesthetically pleasing front door and spruced up the facade around it. We finally painted the inside of our garage. There must have been ten shades of white difference between the before and after. Though, I think one could argue the original color wasn't really white anymore.   
     Eric graduated magna cum laude from SUNY. He is now working in Albany as a teacher's assistant. Tim was promoted to a signing specialist at Target. That basically means if it has  anything to do with a sign, he's involved on some level. He gets the usual perks of a promotion, higher pay and more benefits, but he also has to be to work earlier every day at 4a.m.. He's expected to graduate from Eastern Michigan in the spring. Chris and Christian are well. Christian now goes to daycare a day and a half a week. He's not wery talkative yet but we're hoping the social aspect of daycare will get him to speak up more often. We pop over to their house often to see the grandbaby and walk the grandoggies.
     Edwina and Gwen sleep more than they used to, which is impressive concidering they're cats.
     I would like to wish you God's richest blessing throughout this holiday season and 2004.   Judy and Paul

Linda Buerkley: 

2004- Linda's Art sold for RECORD-BREAKING prices at Mountain Lake PBS Auction!

2003- Linda's Art sold for RECORD-BREAKING prices at Mountain Lake PBS Auction!

2002- Linda's Art sold for RECORD-BREAKING prices at Mountain Lake PBS Auction!

2001- 3 Paintings by Linda were juried into an International Art Auction which will take place during the evenings of April 26th thru the 29th. 2001. The auction is an annual event which takes place from Mountain Lake PBS in Plattsburgh, NY and is televised via satellite. There are many prominent Canadian and American artists participating and it is quite an honor to be recognized in this highly qualified and competitive arena. Linda's art can be viewed with the others at Mountain Lake PBS. Just click on the Art Auction then featured artists.

2007 Troy High School Class of 1959